High costs may prevent Labor Day cookouts

WEST SPRINGFIELD (Mass.) WWLP – Many families stayed home this Labor Day to enjoy their last cookout of the summer.

Grilling burgers, hot dogs, and steaks are a tradition for many of us on Labor Day, but cookouts this year may have put a bigger dent in your wallet than usual. Jeanette Fuller remembers told 22 News the price of meat used to be much cheaper. “I remember back in the olden days, I had seven children and could live then. Now, it’s pretty hard,” she said.

Beef prices have nearly doubled in the past ten years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
A shortagea of rainfall on the west coast made it harder for farmers to grow wheat this year, which farmers use to fatten up cows.

Although the price of meat is at a record high, one local resident doesn’t think it prevented most people from enjoying a Labor Day barbecue. “I think they’re going to barbecue anyways. If the weather holds up they’re going to do what they want anyways, whether the prices are high or low,” he said.

At your average grocery store, beef is nearly $4.00 a pound, a steep increase if you’re cooking for a crowd. Robert Migdall, a resident of Agawam, said beef prices weren’t high enough to turn him away, but larger families may have ran into trouble with the cost.

“It won’t really impact me but larger families obviously it would be, and I think they look for alternative places to shop when looking for meats. You know, buying in bulk, things like that to save money,” he said.

There are ways to lower the cost of a cookout. Purchasing chicken, corn, haddock, and scallops are all cheaper this month than usual.

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