Burger King damaged in overnight fire

No fire alarm went off in overnight Burger King fire

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)- The Burger King on Northampton Street in Holyoke, now has a considerable amount of damage to it following an overnight fire.

Capt. Anthony Cerruti of the Holyoke Fire Department told 22News that the fire burned in the vent system, and spread to the roof, which now has holes in it.

Firefighters were called to the fast food restaurant at around 12:30 Monday morning. Burger King employees looked on while firefighters worked to put out flames and smoke that were coming out of the roof of the building. No fire alarm went off to alert them to the fire. Instead, the staff first noticed the fire and smoke when they were closing up.

Captain Cerutti told 22News that this could have happened because the fire was in the exhaust system in the ceiling, above where the fire alarms are located.

The employees all made it out of the building safely, and no firefighters were injured. The cause of the fire and why the alarm didn’t sound will be decided after an investigation.

The restaurant will be closed for the day on Monday.

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