300,000 eligible for tax amnesty program

Program begins Sept. 1 and ends Oct. 31

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Labor Day marks the start of the two-month tax amnesty program, which will allow you to pay up, penalty-free, on any back taxes, including any that are currently being audited.

Starting Monday, an estimated 300,000 Massachusetts residents will get a second chance to pay their overdue taxes without a late penalty.

Cadam Desai of Agawam told 22News that he thinks the program will help both residents and the state. “You get it off your debt and you move forward because not paying taxes can have serious consequences on you,” Desai said.

Massachusetts residents that are eligible for the program will be getting a notice in the mail this month. If you choose to make your payment by check, you will have to have that back to the Department of Revenue by the Oct. 31 deadline. You can alternatively use the Department of Revenue’s online service to pay.

The program is up for grabs for all state taxpayers, including corporations, partnerships, and LLC’s. It covers all major tax categories, including individual income tax, sales tax, meals tax, and several others.

The state’s House Republicans, who initially proposed the idea, estimate it will bring about $35 million back into the state, which makes one western Mass resident relieved to hear.

“I think they should have paid up in the first place. It might be nice for the person, but I think the state needs the money, so they shouldn’t be that willing to let them go,” Vinnie Govoni, of Agawam said,

Governor Deval Patrick signed the amnesty program  into effect in July, as part of the state’s fiscal year 2015 budget.

The amnesty will not be extended to some taxpayers, including those who are the subject of a tax-related criminal investigation or prosecution.

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