U.S. airstrikes help end ISIS siege

NEW YORK (CNN) – The U.S. is continuing airstrikes in Iraq.  On Sunday officials announced the U.S. had hit ISIS targets near the town of Amerli.

The town of about 20,000 is home to many of Iraq’s Shiite Turkmen, an ethnic minority facing massacre from ISIS.

“We got into Iraq because we had humanitarian issues we had to deal with and because we have to stop ISIS. It’s a very dangerous group of people,” said Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger.

The U.S. also air-dropped humanitarian aid to Amerli; residents have been without power and faced severe food and water shortages, according to the U.N.

Following the strikes, Iraqi security forces entered the town and broke the ISIS siege, according to Iraqi state TV.

The U.S. and its allies are concerned about the growing threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Friday British prime minister David Cameron announced the U.K. Would raise its terror threat level to “severe.”

At home, President Barack Obama is facing criticism that the U.S. Doesn’t have a plan to combat ISIS in Syria.

“We had a year that the president has talked about trying to put together a strategy in Syria. It was unfortunate he used the term ‘we have no strategy in Syria,’” said Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

The administration says that plan is still being developed.

“It would be putting the cart before the horse to talk about what sort of congressional authorization would be required for a plan that hasn’t even been put in place yet,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

The United States began employing airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS earlier this month.  So far there have been no U.S. Airstrikes in Syria.

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