Autumn brings animal threats on roads

Black bears are native to the Berkshires, but have headed east over the years

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Fall brings apple picking and the changing colors of the leaves, but it also brings some serious dangers on the road.

This Labor Day weekend, more than 800-thousand Massachusetts residents traveled for the holiday, and a majority of them hit the road to their destination. But the next thing people should expect on the roads with autumn approaching is more wild life.

The Massachusetts division of fisheries and wildlife is reminding drivers to be aware of more deer and moose on the roads, especially in the early morning and evening. But Westfield has seen other dangers too.

William Gogol, Owner of BG Sporting, told 22News, “The biggest thing we see right now is bears. Everybody is having trouble with them all over the state. They’re getting inundated with them, really. We have to do something to change it, but what do we do?”

These black bears are native to the Berkshires but have headed east over the years.

One owner of a local sporting good store 22News talked to says that he has seen less and less people hit deer over the years because of how many predators are around. But it’s still a concern for drivers during the fall.

Denise Young of Lynnfield said, “I worry that they might run into my car, but I worry mostly about hurting the animal.”

Others are more vulnerable on the roads without a car.

Richard Blair of Westfield told 22News, “I ride motorcycles also, and I always worry that a deer or a bear or something is going to jump out in front of me. So it’s always on the look out.”

And more drivers and cyclists should be looking. Moose breed in September and October, and white tailed deer breed from late October to early December.

These months around the corner mean more drivers should be checking their speed, car lights, and surroundings.

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