It will cost billions to rebuild Gaza

Sources: Rebuilding could cost 4 to 6 billion dollars

Smoke raises over Gaza City after an Israeli airstrike Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014. (AP Photo/Dusan Vranic)

NEW YORK (CNN) – Now that the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza is holding and the streets are safer for the time being, U.N surveyors will be out estimating the costs of repairing the damage.

Oxfam describes this offensive as the worst destruction of Gaza civilian infrastructure in nearly 20 years.  Sources say rebuilding in Gaza could cost anywhere from 4 to 6 billion dollars.

That includes the cost of constructing new roads, new schools, housing units, and rebuilding the sole power plant that was destroyed by shelling and then there’s the cost of humanitarian relief.

Oxfam says there are now 100,000 homeless people in Gaza, a total of 200 schools and 15 hospitals destroyed and as of august 1, the U.N has requested hundreds of millions of dollars for humanitarian purposes.

That money includes 164 million dollars for food aid in Gaza. Bear in mind that over 60 percent of households in Gaza needed food assistance before this crisis.

There also asking for 123 million for shelter, 31 million dollars for drinking water and hygiene.

19 million dollars for a healthcare system reeling from a shortage of medical supplies, combined with power outages in hospitals as well, and 11 million dollars for new classroom spaces.

Even before this crisis, there was already a shortage of nearly 200 schools in Gaza.

We spoke with the Israeli tax authority who tells us there’s been at least 11 million dollars worth of infrastructure damage in Israel.

The Israeli government has to reimburse civilians for property damage. So far, they’ve received 3,700 claims.

Many Israelis also had to take time off from work due to the rocket fire, and the government will spend roughly, of course, whenever talking about the cost of war, you do have to recognize the human cost.

More than 2000 Palestinians have been killed so far, many of whom were civilians, along with 70 Israelis.

Rebuilding may help society’s return to normalcy, but many lives were lost and no amount of money or rebuilding can replace that.

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