TSA officers reveal strange items they’ve collected from passengers

TSA's Instagram account shows other items that were confiscated

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Apparently, air travelers in our area are having a hard time when it comes to packing their carry-on bags the right way. TSA officials at the Fort Wayne International Airport say they’ve seen an uptick in people carrying things that aren’t allowed. That’s backing up lines and causing some passengers to miss their flights.

Since it’s becoming such a problem, TSA officers invited us to check out what all they’ve collected over the last month. Everything from peanut butter to brass knuckles to meat tenderizers.

“Anything that is a liquid that is over 3.4 ounces is prohibited through the checkpoint,” TSA officer Joshua Grabner said.

Joshua Grabner is a TSA Officer at the Fort Wayne International Airport. Some of the items like weapons may seem like common sense to leave at home, but he says people are bringing them anyways. Over the last year across the country, TSA officials say they’ve seen about 25 percent more firearms popping up at their checkpoints.

“The startling part of it is about 90 percent of those are loaded,” TSA Spokesperson Mark Howell said.

So, next time you pack your bags and if you’re not certain if you can bring something TSA says you should download their app. It’s called my TSA. There you can search “Can I bring?” Type in whatever the item is, and they’ll tell you if it’s allowed.

“We understand about 99 percent of the traveling public isn’t going to try and do anything on an airplane, but we don’t want these things to get on there for the safety of everybody.

Not only should you pay attention to what you’ve packed in your bags but what you put in your pockets, wallets, and purses. Especially if you reguarly carry things like knives or pepper spray.

“A thing we see a lot of are these credit card knives. People put it in their wallet and forget that they’re in there. Those can’t go,” Grabner said.

If you liked to see more strange items people have brought to airports across the country TSA officials say to check out their instagram account.

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