Racial breakdown of friendships

black and white

(WWLP) – Our country may be becoming more diverse, but the social groups within it look very much the same.

“I think they’re most comfortable with people who look like them because I feel there’s still a great deal of racism in this country.” Hank Heaphy of Northampton

New research by the Public Religion Research Institute looked at the racial breakdown of friendships across the country. It looked at the average black and white Americans, and 100 people within each of their social circles.

The results are surprising: while blacks have ten times as many black friends as white friends, the average white American has 91 times as many white friends as black friends.

One of the main factors behind this research is out tendency to seek out and associate with people who are similar to us. Whether it has to do with religion, politics, economic status or even race. It’s something one Springfield man told 22News he doesn’t think will ever change. “Certain people gave an outlook on how certain group is portrayed. That will make you tend to not even try to get to know that side of it,” said Kevin Baskerville of Springfield.

Baskerville added he thinks it’s sad, and that people miss out when they judge a book by its cover. “What we need to get away from is the label of black or of color. Africans are Africans. Not black Africans. Cubans are not black Cubans. We need to think of people by their culture and not the color of their skin. ” Kevin Baskerville of Springfield

According to the data, 75% of white people have only white friends. Just less than two-thirds of black Americans have social networks that are entirely black.

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