National Eat More Herbs Less Salt Day!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – You can add lots of flavor to your dishes without adding a lot of salt. Jonathan Evans from the Herbarium in Chicopee showed us how.

National More Herbs, Less Salt Day
Instead of just putting butter on your sweetcorn, try infusing the butter with a few basil leaves that have been chopped or bruised. The basil will add a savory flavor that contrasts well with the sweet corn.

Lemon pepper blend; a mix of black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder,lemon peel,celery seed,savory and parsley.,this works for fish ,chicken, beef.

Italian blend; oregano, basil, garlic( optional), marjoram, sage

Seafood blend: Fennel,dill,parsley,tarragon

Try it you’ll like it ideas:
# 1. go ahead, add poultry seasoning to your hamburger mix. It really is good!
# 2.. Add ginger powder or pickled ginger to your deviled eggs. Wow!
# 3. when making a non-egg potato salad, try adding a little lemon zest, and/or mint. The lemon makes the taste explode It is really refreshing. Once you try, you will be hooked.

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