Many don’t use their vacation to avoid work

Taking a break may help you at work

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There are only a few days of summer break left to cling to, but if you’ve still got vacation days left over there’s reason to use them before time runs out.

The U.S. Travel Association reported 40-percent of Americans don’t use all their vacation days. Many of them don’t want to deal with the work that will pile up while they’re away, but taking a break might actually help them tackle that work better.

The audit firm E-Y found for each 10 vacation hours a worker took their performance reviews climbed 8-percent higher.

Ryan King of Chicopee said, “You get in a groove at work and things just pile up, pile up, pile up. I love vacation. It’s a good refresher, coming back to work. After vacation it seems to be more productive and stuff like that.”

The research also found that vacation time helped reduce turnover. Employees who used 40 hours of vacation time tended to stay with the company an extra 8 months.

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