Increase of near-collisions with planes

FILE - generic airplane

(WWLP) – The number of near collision passenger planes in the sky has been on the rise recently. The FAA released new statistics showing how often these near-collisions go on in the air.

The number of close calls has doubled in 2013 from the previous year. But that hasn’t scared some people from traveling.

“I still feel safe. I usually fly to Puerto Rico. Nothing ever happens.” Carmen Rodriguez of Holyoke

But that safety is what passengers take for granted.  On May 9th in Houston, two commercial airlines came nearly a mile away from each other in the air, and a day later, 2 jet blue planes had a close call as one took off while the other prepared to land on the same runway.

The FAA reports that in 2013, there were nearly 24-hundred near collisions at airports around the nation, which has made some people reconsider whether or not flying is worth the risk.

“I love to fly but I’m a little leary now because I don’t know if it’s mechanical.” Sandy Mancini of West Springfield

A new reporting system allows employees to submit any safety incidents confidentially, which helped give the FAA the numbers to its recent report. But because of this system, the FAA can’t tell if the actual number of incidents has increased, or if the system has just allowed more people to come forward.

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