Iconic Florence flag taken down

A new flag that should be up in a few days

FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton residents say they haven’t been seeing an American flag that traditionally hangs in the center of Florence.

For as long as most people can remember, an American flag waved in the center of Florence on Route 9 in Northampton. But they were forced to take it down Thursday.

Mike Flynn from the Florence Civic Association, “The flag that’s been flying over the center of Florence, even when I was a little kid, the flag was flying over the center of Florence, it just got tangled up in the wires and that put in a severe tear.”

Veterans agreed with the Civic Association’s decision to remove the flag which shouldn’t be flown if it’s damaged. Harry Azmijia, a U.S. Marine veteran, agreed with the decision, saying, “Obviously it was torn, and flag always has to be intact.”

Passersby accustomed to seeing the flag at its central location were quick to notice its absence. Grechen Jennings, who works in Florence, told 22News, “The big flag that hangs at the intersection is the symbol of downtown Florence.”

The Civic Association’s Chris Powers told 22News, he’s ordered a new flag that should be up in a few days. Powers plans to turn over the torn flag to a Northampton Boy Scout troop for proper disposal.

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