Chicopee students moved to a Springfield school

CHICOPEE Mass. (WWLP) – An unwelcome surprise came for Chicopee students and parents Thursday. Justina Ortiz was one of the mothers who received a call from the school system that said her daughter would have to go to school in a different district.

“I got a phone call from my daughters school Streiber Elementary, and they told me that the district in Chicopee contacted them and said that my daughter can no longer attend Chicopee schools because the property that I’m living on is in a Springfield area,” Ortiz said.

Her daughter’s attended school in Chicopee for the past four years, the same city where she pays taxes. Another neighborhood family knew their house fell on the city line when they moved in 6 years ago. Thomas Kielbania Junior told 22News he wouldn’t have moved in if he knew his children wouldn’t be able to attend Chicopee schools.

“Real estate taxes go to Springfield, we knew that when we bought the house. Until this year, we had the choice, but now it’s an issue,” he said.

Next door neighbor, Christina Valle, heard the news at work and immediately called Springfield Schools to enroll her daughter, but the attempt was unsuccessful. “When I went to Springfield to register my daughter into school, they were saying that we have a Chicopee address, so we’re actually supposed to go to Chicopee,” she said.

The Mayor’s Communications Manager said they too just found out about the situation and they’re looking further into it to continue investigating. 22News also left a message with the Superintendent of Chicopee.

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