Why some leaves are already changing color

Maple trees tend to change color first with oaks changing color later in the fall

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After some cool weather earlier this month it’s been feeling more like summer recently and with all the rain we’ve had this summer things have gotten pretty green. 

But the leaves are already starting to change color on some of the trees.

Cooler weather and shorter days may be partly to blame but there are other issues that could be causing the leaves to change color so early.

“I think what you are seeing Adam are trees that have a health problem or trees that are stressed particularly on the road sides. Trees that are stressed have tendency to show fall color early,” said consultant arborist Charles McCarthy.

Right now chlorophyll in the trees is making them appear green but as night length increases chlorophyll production slows down and eventually stops and the other pigments in the leaves like red, yellow, brown and orange become visible.

Maple trees tend to change color first with oaks changing color later in the fall.

“I’m starting to notice it as times goes on I’m loving it. It’s beautiful scenery that’s one of the things I love about New England when the leaves on the trees change so I’ve noticed it,” said Larry Moore of Springfield.

We can usually expect to see peak color here in the lower Pioneer Valley around Columbus Day Weekend. 

If you do have a tree in your yard that is changing color early you may want to have it checked by an arborist because it could have a health issue.

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