Vacation for many Americans isn’t a complete getaway

77% of Americans work away from the office

NEW YORK (CNN) – Summer is coming to a close and while many Americans took a vacation, most of us, didn’t really get away from it all.

A recent survey by TripAdviser found 77 percent of Americans confess to doing some work away from the office. Some motivated by guilt, others by the boss.

According to Brooke Ferencsik, a TripAdviser spokesperson, “Twenty percent said it’s a guilt thing, they feel this need to check in on vacation. And then another one-in-five said they really think their boss really expects them to be checking in and working, even when they’re out.”

The most common activities, according to the survey, 9 in 10 American workers have checked their email while on vacation and 85 percent responded to emails. 45 percent confessed to checking voicemail, while 40 percent said they returned some of those calls. 42 percent said they created or edited a work document.

Aiding in all of this, our electronic devices. “It really sets this expectation for them that they are checked in, when they’re really supposed to be checked out,” said Ferencsik.

Americans have one final long weekend of summer, to unplug. Experts recommend designating a trusted co-worker to handle the little things that pop up, and letting others know this person is helping you in your absence.

Or set aside just 30 minutes of each vacation day to check in on email and voicemail, so you don’t spend the entire time looking at your screen.

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