Spectators react to gubernatorial debate

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There were more than 100 spectators in our 22News studios for Wednesday night’s debate. For many residents, the  debate was the final piece they needed to determine who they would vote for in the primaries.

One resident told 22News the reason she attended was to hear how each candidate plans to stop the violence in our cities.

“I don’t think people really feel safe today. There’s people breaking into homes, there’s too many homicides. I think we heard everything that we needed to,” said Maggie Sullivan, a Springfield spectator.

Another topic that raised a lot of interest Wednesday was how each candidate feels about a casino coming to western Massachusetts.  For many residents, 22News found that’s a “make it, or break it” deal come voting time.

“It is one of the most important issues. I have canvassed tirelessly against casinos,” said Mary Ross, a Holyoke spectator. “I did learn a lot but it is not going to change my mind.”

Although many voters came to the debate with a candidate in mind, others say it helped them decide which candidate to vote for. The state primaries are on September 9th.

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