School bus driver arrested for DUI with kids on board

Blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit

FARMINGTON, CT (WTIC) – Parents and students were appalled after hearing some disturbing news. “I think it’s sad and shocking.”

Kevin Zapp, an 8th grader, said, “They were just saying that the bus driver didn’t look right and was swerving off the street and everything.”

Farmington police say M&J bus driver Tammy Costello was caught drunk driving 20 middle schoolers to the Irving A Robbins Middle School.

Her blood alcohol level was over three times the legal limit for a commercial vehicle. According to Lt. Colin Ryan of the Farmington Police Dept., “This is a rarity. This isn’t a common thing in the state let alone in the town of Farmington.”

Police say an officer driving to the school Wednesday morning noticed a slightly erratic move by Costello’s bus on the way to school. A slightly erratic move by Costello’s bus.

The officer followed the bus, and greeted kids as they got off. That’s when they alerted him to a problem.

Lt. Ryan said, “As couple of them made reference to the fact that the bus may have hit a curb or two a long the way.”

The officer spoke with Costello, and came to the conclusion she was visibly intoxicated; then, performed field sobriety tests.

Ultimately, police took her into custody for driving under influence, failure to drive right, and 20 counts of risk of injury to a minor.

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