Rowe Elementary reopens its doors

ROWE, Mass. (WWLP) A disastrous fire rocked the small town of Rowe two years ago, burning down the Elementary School and destroying everything in its path. Today, the school is back in action and teh community couldn’t be happier.

Dwight Beebe, a teacher at Rowe remembers that day too well, “The whole roof was on fire, the front of the building was on fire, and we were in shock,” he said.

Library Assistant, Danette Reynolds told 22News she’s never seen a fire quite like this one. “We saw the smoke, we thought it was neighbor’s farm on fire, so we started following the truck and pulled up at the school when it just started. It’s something that you don’t expect to see so you’re standing there rather stunned, and there wasn’t anything we could do,” she said. The fire started during a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightening struck the roof, came down through the ceiling, and burnt down the entire school.

After two years of rebuilding, students walked into their brand new school for the first time today. A feeling Beebe told 22News, was indescribable. “It’s fabulous; I think would be the best word for it. Things have moved very, very fast. A week ago there was nothing in here, the place was bare. There were no books, no furniture, no technology on the wall, just nothing here,” he said.

Students stay in Rowe elementary school from pre-k through 6th grade, making the school an important part of the small community. Students spent the past two years at an elementary school close by, but couldn’t be happier, to return to their own.

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