Mysterious drownings probed

family drowns

GASTON, Oregon (KGW) Searchers found three more bodies in Oregon’s Henry Hagg Lake Tuesday after a boy was found drowned Monday.

The bodies were identified as 42-year-old Jova Ixtacua-Castano; her 13-year-old son, Michael Garcia-Ixtacua; and her 25-year-old daughter, Gabriela Garcia-Ixtacua. The 3-year-old boy found on Monday was Jeremy Scholl, the son of Gabriela Garcia-Ixtacua and grandson of Ixtacua-Castano.

“Detectives found nothing suspicious and no signs of foul play. This appears to be a tragic incident where someone likely got into trouble in the water and others attempted to help them,” Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday. “Detectives are still searching for any answers that will help them understand the events that occurred yesterday evening to cause the deaths.”

The family lived together in Hillsboro.

“This was a tragic thing and we’re trying to put it together,” said neighbor Dawn Medley. “We’re a really tight-knit neighborhood.”

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