More progress made at Southwick park

Whalley Park
The sign on the stone wall at the entrance of Whalley Park. (File photo by The Westfield News/chief photographer Frederick Gore)

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – The Parks and Recreation Commission discussed the latest updates to Whalley Park last night.

This is a generous gift from Mr. John H. Whalley III and Kathy A. Whalley, in honor of their son John H. Whalley IV. Whalley Park consists of 70 acres of land located on Powder Mill Road. More Info »

Commissioner Daniel Call went over items being taken care of now, including lighting throughout the park. Call said he met with representatives from Musco Lighting last week and reported that the lights were installed and are working.

“The fields look good, the parking lot, the road going in – it was 9 p.m. and you would have thought it was daylight,” said Call.

pavilion and playground at Whalley Park
The pavilion and playground at Whalley Park. (© 2014 The Westfield News/Frederick Gore)

All lighting is LED that should last for a longer time than incandescent lights. Call said they would have changed 10 incandescent lights for every one LED they would have to replace.

The lights can be turned on manually or remotely by a designated “gatekeeper,” and they come with a 25-year warrantee on parts and labor. Call suggested the group discuss lighting responsibilities in the future.

“Let’s take the time to think about who manages the lights,” he said. “I think it should be an employee.” Call added that commissioners should also be able to operate the lighting system, but an employee should serve as the manager of the remote system.

The Whalley Park sign on the stone wall at the entrance is also lighted manually.

Call said that while the park is not finished, there is progress being made. “Things are getting done in a timely way,” he said.
Call also mentioned that he spoke with Quality Plumbing to discuss plumbing needs in the four buildings at the park, and received an invoice from Down Under Irrigation. He also updated the group on a new state requirement regarding payroll for contractors.
“They have to report weekly on their payroll,” said Call, noting that the names of employees, their hours, and pay must be listed. “I’m not saying what they did before was wrong, but the state is looking for some sort of consistency.”

Call said the punch list of items was progressing. “We’re making headway,” he said. “We’re getting things done.”

Chairman Kelly Magni said the items discussed were not part of the original budget for the work left for the town once it took control of the park but the commission would be able to absorb the costs. “Within our budget we will be able to complete the task at hand,” he said.

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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