GCC to review their policy on medical marijuana

Many Mass. colleges are dealing with the marijuana law

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Proposals for medical marijuana in Franklin County has been moving forward, and it poses new questions for school policy.

Medical marijuana is legal in Massachusetts with a doctor’s prescription, but federal law says marijuana for any use is illegal. Now many colleges are dealing with the conflicting laws.

Glenda Cuevas, a Greenfield Community College student, told 22News, “It’s definitely worth a consideration. I’m not really sure if I’m pro or against it yet, but definitely in consideration would be a good idea to start with.”

The Student Development Committee is in charge of coming up with suitable policies, so 22News spoke with their Director, Judy Raper. She said, “If we deem that our current policy isn’t clear enough medical marijuana may be addressed specifically if we find that students are asking questions or that our policy isn’t clear enough.”

So far no concerns have been expressed by students. Raper went on to say that GCC wouldn’t do anything to compromise their federal funding.

Greenfield Community College intends to review their policy on medical marijuana come fall, but as of right now there’s a no tolerance policy on any drugs and alcohol. However, there is a proposal to put a medical marijuana dispensary in the old American Legion Building about two miles away from GCC.

Andrei Taraburca, a GCC student, said, “It could lead to different issues around the campus you know but I mean it all depends on what the situation is…if you have a medical need…why not?”

It’s just another question that could affect school policy. Along with GCC, UMass and other schools in western Mass. are sticking with their current policy banning marijuana use on campus.

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