“Death Row Jesus” video campaign begins

LUBBOCK, TX (CNN) – A new advertising campaign may make you look twice.  “Death Row Jesus” will hit American cities on Wednesday.

It’s a digital advertisement promoting the theme that Christ was executed for the world’s sins.

“Death Row Jesus,” its Little Pencil’s latest campaign scheduled to launch on Wednesday.

“When people think about Jesus, they don’t think about him being on death row, but if you think about what he did when he was on the earth, that’s really the experience he had,” David I Miller of Little Pencil said, “He was completely innocent, yet he was put to this cruel, painful death.”

That’s the message Miller is hoping to portray through this new video.

“We communicate very directly that Christ became the worst criminal in history when he took our mistakes on himself, Miller continued, “We’re all equally undeserving of God’s grace.”

Here you see Jesus receiving the death penalty while the other inmates are set free.

“No one is better positioned than anyone else, or more deserving to receive his grace and forgiveness, yet he offers it for free, said Miller.

Miller says the “Tattoo Jesus” video was seen in more than 100 countries and it all started with billboards driving people to their website.

This time they’re opting for digital advertisements which will launch in some of the nation’s biggest cities on Wednesday.

“They’ll be very non-traditional messages; they won’t be something you would expect probably from a church,” Miller said.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are invested in these campaigns, but miller argues it’s not enough.

“Corporations spend an enormous amount of money marketing their, whatever their product is, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” said Miller, “We just think that in this case we have a much better product, and one that’s everlasting, life-changing, and so it’s certainly worthy of whatever we invest in it.”

“Death Row Jesus” launches Wednesday.  Little pencil productions takes it name from a Mother Theresa quotation.

The group is involved in a lawsuit to have the campaign placed on the Jumbotron of a Texas high school stadium.

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