Black Mold: Flood Woes Worsen

Residents dealing with sewage smell and damage

WARREN, Mi. (WDIV) – Almost three weeks later, Michigan’s historic flood is still making headlines. While many are still working on the storm cleanup, there’s a new health hazard growing for families in one Warren community.

Many are still dealing with the sewage smell and damage to their home’s foundation, but the latest threat is the black mold growing on walls.

“This is terrible, very, very toxic,” said Michael Schneider, a Warren resident living with black mold.

His wife and daughter have temporarily moved out of the house until the mold gets cleared up, but Schneider is choosing to stay behind and live in a hazardous home because he feels he has no other options available.

“It’s pretty sad,” he said. “I’ve been living here for 45 years and I know everyone around here and all their basements were just destroyed.”

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