Antique Trends to Look For this Fall!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Some antiques may be timeless, but following the trends in the antique world can make the price go up 75%! Christian Lund, Owner of Fancy That Antiques in Wilbraham showed us what’s trending for fall.

Trending Antiques

Distressed painted antiques.
People spend more time inside since it is colder out. Ones that can paint and “rough up” the finish tend to redecorate the house. Great economical way to do it.

Vintage timepieces.
Even though we all tell time from our iPhones, timepieces are still pieces we wear to accessorize. Great prices from fun $ to high end investment grade $$$$$.

Antique jewelry
From costume to diamonds are ways to accessories as we change the way we dress for the cold and spend more time inside.

Accessories for the house.
We dress up the places we live as we spend more time inside. Iron doorknockers, things for the fireplace, cool clocks, tiebacks to hold curtains, drift wood mirrors, cast iron brackets, coat hooks, all things to decorate for fall!

Importance of Following Antique Trends
Price goes up almost 75%

Timeless Antiques
Gold – 10K (417), 14K (585), 18K (750)
Silver (925)
Time Pieces – Such as wristwatches
Oriental Rugs
Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Cars

How to Tell the Difference Between Vintage and Antique:
30-60 Years Old = Vintage
60 – 100 Years Old = Semi-Antique
100+ Years Old = Antique

Tips for Selling Antiques
Get a multiple appraisals – Find a reputable antiques dealer (someone who’s been around for a while, someone with a storefront)
Look into consignment or whole estate where you can use an antique dealers expertise and connections to help you sell your item
Check into auctions
Post item in the paper or other online, such as Craigslist


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