Sumo wrestler tackles swimming

Heaviest person to swim back and forth Utah's Bear Lake

Salt Lake City (KSL) – A former sumo champion has accomplished something that only four other people have done: swimming back and forth across Utah’s Bear Lake.

The swim would be tough for just about anyone, but consider that Kelly Gneiting is pulling 430 pounds of his own weight.

The Idaho native says he did it partly for himself, but also for others.

“Not only big people, but anybody, despite their perceived weakness, or inability, they can still do great things,” Gneiting says.

Gneiting is a five-time U.S. champion sumo wrestler and the heaviest man to ever finish a marathon, which he has done three times.

Gneiting is now the 62nd person to swim across Bear Lake. He’s the fourth to make it a round trip, and by far the heaviest person to ever do either.

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