Springfield drivers rank fourth worst in the country

Photo courtesy: MGNonline

SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) – Drivers don’t always follow the rules of the road, but that could be a bigger problem in Springfield than in other cities.

A new report from Allstate says Springfield drivers are 90 percent more likely to get into an accident, ranking Springfield drivers the fourth worst in the nation. A statistic troubling to local commuters, like Lee Dufault of Springfield. “It does concern me, you know because they’re not looking at me, they’re looking at whatever they’re doing and have no idea where they are. No that’s everywhere, that’s not just Springfield,” he said.

Other local commuters, like Ron Lareau of Chicopee, told 22 News although he’s not surprised by the report, Springfield’s getting the brunt of bad behavior. “Driving during my work hours I see it all of the time. I mean, people running red lights and not stopping, or people texting and driving,” he said.

The report said their are ways you can help keep yourself and others on the roads safer, and Karl Downs of Springfield agrees. “It comes down to attitude, people being impatient trying to get somewhere last minute,” he said.

Allstate advises commuters to check the driving conditions before leaving the house to avoid traffic jams. Along with checking your car before you drive away, which can include break lights, head lights, and windshield wipers. They also suggest planning your commute ahead of time and to always stay on the look out for traffic stops, walkways, and detours.

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