“Scariest Selfie” may make you dizzy and hungry

Video ends when the photographer gets a text message

NEW YORK (CNN) – There is no explanation for how three people got on top of Hong Kong’s 5th tallest building to take what’s being described as “The World’s Scariest Selfie.”

Photographer Daniel Lau was holding the selfie stick that’s holding the camera atop the 73 story building known as the center. The video ends when Daniel seems to get a text message.

There might be more layers to this story than meet the eye. Who eats bananas 1,135 feet in the sky? Some theorize that this is an anti-racism message.

This past spring, Spanish soccer fans threw bananas at Brazilian players they perceived as black. When it happened again during a Spanish league match, defender Dani Alves picked up the banana and took a bite.

Turns out the players had already consulted with an ad agency, and thus was born the hashtag we are all monkeys campaign, featuring players and regular folks tweeting photos of themselves eating bananas to make their anti-racism point.

So was this a high altitude snack or a message? That feels like a long way up to eat a banana  Hope they didn’t just drop the peels.

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