Police cracking down on partying at Eastern

WILLIMANTIC, Conn. (WTNH)–Classes at Eastern Connecticut State University begin later this week but already some students have arrived and already there’s at least one sign causing concern.

The sign hanging from a house off campus read “21 to drink 18 to sleepover.” It’s been taken down now but police say it is a reminder of the partying that comes when students move back to school.

Jeremy Battye, a junior at Eastern Connecticut State University, put up the sign. He tells News 8, “Some people thought it was inappropriate but it’s all in good humor and all in good fun. We didn’t mean anything hostile or anything. We weren’t trying to make anyone upset or anything like that.”

Willimantic police want students to know they have a zero tolerance policy on the bad behavior that often spills out after the college parties end.

Cpl Stanley Parizo with the Willimantic police department says “It’s when they’re leaving the houses. You know the paper trail of cups and bottles. Some of the lewd behavior and mostly the noise. You know the banging on signs, the rattling of cars, the setting off of car alarms.”

“You name it, they do it,” said Willimantic resident Sal Inzinga. “They even urinate all over the place.”

Hundreds of students often roaming the streets when the parties are over. Willimantic police have a message for them.

“We are not here to take away your college experience but we want you to do it responsibly and if that means we have to curtail it with arrests and tickets that’s what we are going to do this year,” says Parizo.

We asked one woman who tells us she has lost sleep over some of the late night antics, “Are you glad to see the police cracking down on this?” She answered, “Oh boy and how. Yes very much so.”

We also asked Jeremy Battye, “How are you guys going to have a party but not let it get out of control?” He tells us, “Only probably let in people we know. I’ve come to see, this is going to be my third year as I said, that when you let people in you don’t know things start to get out of hand.”

Because Eastern is a dry campus a lot of the drinking and especially the parties all happen in these residential neighborhoods off campus.

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