Southwick Police Chief warns of break-ins

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – Southwick Police Chief David Ricardi is warning residents to lock their homes. Several residences in Southwick and Agawam were recently entered during the day when no one was home.

“We’ve had breaking and enterings near Agawam, in the eastern part of town from College Highway toward Agawam,” said Ricardi.
Ricardi said he urges homeowners to take precautions.

“Make sure your doors and windows are locked and leave a radio on if you can,” said Ricardi. “Park in the driveway during the day and secure your vehicle.”

Ricardi said Southwick and Agawam Police are working together and have a few leads they are following. Ricardi added that residents should not hesitate to call police with any concern.

“Be cognizant of activity in the neighborhood,” he advised. “If anything seems out of the ordinary, call us. If you see a suspicious person or car, or people walking down the street that don’t normally do that, call us. We will investigate.”

Ricardi said the thief or thieves are taking easily carried valuables. “Jewelry is a big item,” he said. Small valuables can be taken quickly and are not as noticeable as items such as large electronics.

“We just want everyone to take standard precaustions and call us immediately if something seems out of place,” he said.

The Southwick Police Department can be reached at 413-569-5348

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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