No more handwritten traffic tickets by 2015?

Program could cost about $7,500 for each police cruiser

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield is one of just five police departments, and the State Police, testing an electronic traffic ticketing program.

According to the Boston Globe, The State Department of Public Safety designated 1.9 million dollars in federal money to try it out. 22News called the department’s spokesman Terrel Harris who said e-ticketing will improve efficiency.

Right now, officers fill out a paper ticket to give to the driver and one to mail to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. That can take days to process, but this instantly files the violation.

Springfield Police Patrolman Tim Shaheen said he and three other Springfield officers have been testing the system for the past 6 months. He said one benefit is everything is typed, rather than handwritten, so there’s less room for error.

Even though the filing will be electronic, drivers will still get printed paper violations. The equipment needed for this program could cost about 75-hundred dollars for each police cruiser.

E-ticketing could be adopted by every local police department in the state as early as next year.

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