Massachusetts’ license problem

Massachusetts is one of six states not complying with federal law called REAL ID


BOSTON (WWLP) – It all boils down to a federal law called REAL ID. Massachusetts hasn’t signed on yet and if they don’t it’s just going to cause you more problems.

If you rely solely on a Massachusetts ID, like a driver’s license, you may be surprised to know that you’ve already been stripped of access to some government buildings in the U.S. Massachusetts is one state that has yet to comply with the federal law called REAL ID, which was put in place to boost security, verify citizenship and keep terrorists out of the country.

If the state doesn’t update its licensing system, your driver’s license may not be enough to get you on a plane as soon as 2016.

“If no one were asking, Massachusetts would be wise to have such identification anyway because it would be more secure, or could be more secure and it should be.” Patrick Hickox

“A little shocking because I have younger ones and I really can’t afford to pay for two passports for my children.” Crystal Paola

So why hasn’t the state signed onto REAL ID? Well, critics argue that it would cost millions and infringe on your privacy.

A statement by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation read, in part: “The Department of Homeland Security is asking the states to do something radically different with their licensing systems…We want to make sure we do it right and do it well.”

The department has applied for an extension to explore the best ways to meet the federal law’s requirements.

Along with Massachusetts residents, people with an Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Maine ID are facing the same restrictions.

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