Late August heat impact on farms and businesses

A day to have a treat in the heat before school comes back around

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After what felt like a cooler month, it’s getting hot again. Some are enjoying the last warm summer days before school begins, while others are working hard during a time when business is crucial.

A hot late summer day has given a signal to many people in western Massachusetts.

“Todays the best day because I got to get some of my corn.  Yesterday I went to the beach for the first time all season and it didn’t get any better than that so I can bring fall on with a warm welcome,” said Karen Bensch

For Farmer Frank Ciesluk its time to harvest and sell, but the market hasn’t been easy, “Three of the people we sell to sell to market basket and we’ve lost that entire market. So we’re having a season almost as bad as the Red Sox.”

22News went for a ride through some of the hundreds of acres of corn that he’s been harvesting. The heat actually makes the corn ripen quicker, which isn’t what you want when harvesting so farmers hope the cool fall weather will come sooner rather than later.”

However, still the corn, peaches and mums are doing well this season along with business.

The last days of the hot summer aren’t just about working hard, you also have to cool off in the shade and enjoy it. And you can by the scoop over at the Old Deerfield Country Store.

“We have one group that manages to come in almost every Friday a big hoard of young kids a lot of cotton candy ice cream is sold usually,” Adrianna Blodgett said.

“Right here it’s been nice, it’s been comfortable,” said Jackie Smittendorf.

A day to have a treat in the heat before school comes back around. The heat has also been good to get in a second cutting of hay for farmers. Normally you need about three dry days for baling hay.

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