Mount Greylock memorial getting a makeover

Mount Greylock war memorial
Wikimedia file: "Mount Greylock war memorial" by user:Kelson - Own work.

ADAMS, Mass. (AP) — Efforts are underway to fix the Veterans War Memorial Tower at the summit of Mount Greylock.

Jeffrey Harris, a preservation planner for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, tells The Berkshire Eagle a renovation plan has been developed but the agency still needs to secure the $1.8 million it’s expected to cost.

Since it was completed on the state’s highest peak in 1932, the tower has been plagued by moisture problems caused by the endless freezing, thawing and condensation from the summit’s extreme weather. The work includes repairing and upgrading the ventilation fans at the top of the 93-foot tower, the installation of a dehumidifier system, and sealing the granite exterior.

The tower was closed in the spring of 2013 when it became a hazard to visitors.

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