Lower gas prices impacting drivers

Average price for regular retail gas is about 3.48 per gallon

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The national average price of gasoline dropped 23 cents during the past nine weeks and with Labor Day weekend ahead it could make an impact on your tank.

In the past two weeks, gasoline has dipped about 4 cents per gallon nationwide including in western Massachusetts. The average price for regular retail gasoline is about 3.48 per gallon, about 17 cents less than a year ago in Greenfield.

Robby Brook of Greenfield said, “I don’t really notice just when I go to the gas station I just go throw in 10 or 20 and I don’t really notice how long it will last me.”

“I think they would have to come down significantly more to make a difference in whether I decide to use a car for vacation or go some other way,” said Thomas McLoud of Montpellier, Vermont.

Most commuters’ 22News spoke with Monday said it’s hard to see the difference on the receipt they take away from the pump, but for others every cent saved on gas makes a difference in the long haul.

Rachael Kashner of Greenfield said, “I think that’s a big difference though, generally I will go across the street because it will be like a one cent difference.”

“It doesn’t matter to me at all I don’t really pay attention to that but I know a lot of people that will go out of their way to go to different place because it’s just a couple of cents cheaper,” said Roxy Petkosands of Goshen.

Price hunters say they will continue to search for the cheapest prices, while the average commuter says their driving habits will stay the same unless there is a drastic change.

You can find the best gas prices in the 22News Pump Price Patrol.

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