Charter schools snubbed by lawmakers, poll

Charter school students are selected by a lottery system

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The number of students attending charter schools this year will be the same as last. Lawmakers rejected a bill to pay for more students to go to charter schools and it may be difficult for that to change anytime soon.

There are long wait lists to get kids into most charter schools, but a new Boston Globe poll found more people are against funding these schools.

22News went to Holyoke Community Charter School, where they said the difference is in the style of teaching and discipline.

They teach a second language and technology skills in kindergarten and first grade, and emphasize students teaching students.

Dr. Sonia Correa Pope from Holyoke Community Charter School told 22News that they let the teachers focus only on teaching. She said, “We have what we call student management. Student managements are the ones that work hand to hand with me for any discipline issue, and we in reality are very proactive. We always stop things before they can become a discipline issue.”

Unlike a traditional public school, students are selected through a random lottery system.

Dr. Correa Pope said a down-side of their charter school is that they can’t expand into a high school. That means after 8th grade, most students go to a traditional public high school.

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