American Heart Association makes statement about e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are bringing in $2 billion worldwide each year.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — The debate over the safety of electronic cigarettes continues. 22News found out what one well known heart- health group is now saying about the cigarette alternatives.

Itill Wiggins, from West Springfield, told 22News quitting smoking isn’t easy, “To try to quit cigarettes? It’s really hard. I mean I’ve tried several times.”

Some try electronic or “e-cigarettes” as an option. They are battery powered when used they heat up liquid nicotine into a vapor to be inhaled like a traditional cigarette.

While the FDA is warning little is know about what this e-cigarette can do to your health, they’re churning up nearly $2 billion a year in sales worldwide, each year. But now the American Heart Association has put out its first formal policy statement on the matter, saying that e-cigarettes should only be used as a last resort to quitting the traditional ones, when all other attempts failed.

With health experts on both sides of the debate the Federal Food and Drug Administration says they should be treated like regular tobacco products with things like warning labels. Something some folks in Springfield told 22News they agree with.

Bill Fradet, from Agawam, told said, “Well I’m totally against regulating things, but in the case of the cigarettes. When is has to do with your health I think it’s very very important.”

“So having younger people have them in their hands is probably not a good idea without, you know, enough research to make sure it’s safe for them,” Tami Ducharme, from Springfield, told 22News.

Earlier this year the FDA proposed banning their sales to minors and just last month, attorneys general from more than two dozen states asked the agency to ban the liquid nicotine flavors arguing they are too appealing to young people.

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