Textbooks that don’t drain your savings

SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) – Going to college isn’t cheap. After paying tuition, dorm room expenses, and meal plans, many students will have to dish out another $1,200 for textbooks.

The bad news is, most students will need pricey books for class.
The good news, there are ways to curb those costs.

A study from College Board shows on average, students spend more than $1,000 annually at campus bookstores. You can save by shopping online, some websites offer discounts up to 90 percent off.

Renting books are a great way to save. A typical rental period for online sites lasts for 125 days, but many offer extensions, as well. Digital textbooks are the newest way to save for students with tablets.

It’s hard to know if you’ve found the lowest price, so experts say to start shopping before classes begin. If you decide on a used textbook, remember cheap isn’t always the best quality. Some rentals have disappointed with missing pages, excessive highlighting, and written notes.

Many money saving websites also buy back books and connect buyers and sellers directly.

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