Catholic Mass remembers James Foley

Many will remember Foley as a brave journalist

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – On Sunday, a Catholic mass was held in Foley’s hometown in New Hampshire. Foley was a graduate student at UMass in Amherst.

During the mass, the bishop read a message from the Vatican with personal condolences from Pope Francis. Foley was beheaded by Islamic State militants.

Earlier this week we spoke with Noy Holland, a UMass professor who taught Foley. She called him a hero, saying, “He has a kind of goofy sense of humor. Was exuberant and a very compassionate and involved person. I think people who do what they believe they should do and act on their beliefs and their convictions and have sympathy for other people are heroes and so yes. I would call him a hero.”

She said he’ll be remembered by those who knew him as a brave journalist who shed light on the conflict and politics of places a world away.

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