Residents celebrate new park opening

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A late afternoon celebration in Springfield’s Lower Liberty Heights neighborhood but the hundreds of families who live in the Home City apartments had plenty to celebrate. They attended a community picnic around the first use of their new park.

Miquel Morales also lives at home city and he’s credited with marshaling support for this new neighborhood asset. Morales told 22News, the playground solves a big problem for neighborhood children, “I think it’s wonderful. A lot of the little kids can’t get downtown to the big park down there because it’s dangerous. A lot of kids stick over here, they play basketball on a dirt box, we’ve now got a basketball court everybody can play on it,” said Morales.

“We took a vacant lot that was bought from the city at auction and it was a dangerous place. Lots of needles and we cleaned it up. We raised the money and we turned it into a park with basketball and a place for people to sit,” said Thomas Kegelman, Executive Director of Home City Housing.

Most everyone who lives in these apartments joined the celebration welcoming their new park. There’s no name yet for their community park but for now these neighbors in Liberty Heights are filled with joy about their neighborhood improvements.

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