WMass residents rally for peace in Ferguson & Gaza

Dozens gathered Friday night in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – People from Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties gathered Friday night in Northampton. They told 22News they wanted to stand in solidarity with people in Ferguson, MO, people in Gaza, and people dealing with violence in their own community.

Friday night protesters held signs that read “Hands up, Don’t shoot” and “Palestinian lives matter.” Dozens of western Massachusetts residents rallied in front of Northampton City Hall.

They told 22News violence and chaos we saw in Ferguson, MO, after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager, is no different than what people in Gaza have been experiencing every day since early July.

Celia Miller said, “They are not really differentiating between military wing and civilian post.” Since the current fight between Israel and Hamas began, thousands of civilians have been killed.

Dozens of protesters marched down Main Street in Northampton, calling for peace. They told 22News the killing of innocent people must stop immediately.

Manuel Pintado of Northampton said, “We need to make a change and let the people who are here to protect and serve us, protect us. Not to abuse their power.”

Miller said, “You can’t pretend that you’re about peace when you’re demolishing people’s homes and displacing them.”

For the first time in two weeks, a sense of clam seems to have returned to Ferguson, but the fighting between Israel and Hamas continues in Gaza.

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