Biker lands on roof: Real Crash or Hoax?

Millions of people have viewed this clip

NEW YORK (CNN) – This is the story of a biker who lands on his feet, or is it too much of a feat to believe?

The BMW switched lanes and got rammed by a motorcycle on a highway supposedly in Belarus. The biker sticks his landing and stays there until the car comes to a stop and he gets off.

Millions of people have viewed this clip, leaving comments like “imagine if the sunroof were open.” Of course smart alecky commenter’s started scoring the accident as it were a gymnastics routine.

Naysayers were adamant, “that video is faker than my Rolex.” An expert on digital forensics told CNN, “I believe that this is indeed a forgery.” She cited “ringing artifacts”…visual noise around the biker, and said, “The biker and the motorcycle have most likely been pasted in from a different video.”

The Russian speakers in the car with the dash cam reacted by swearing a blue streak. A respected newspaper in Belarus reported the crash of a Suzuki bike going 53 miles per hour and quoted an official saying the biker was incredibly lucky.

Real or fake, there is one guy whose opinion should carry some extra weight. After all, he’s been there, on a car roof. He was wearing a helmet cam while riding his motorcycle last summer in Florida when he rear ended a car that had slowed.

His reaction to the biker who appears to land on his feet…”that video was great! I don’t doubt its legitimacy for a second. I bet he was left with nothing more than bumps and bruises just like me.”

Two bikers who managed to raise the roof on the internet, by landing like a cat on a hot tin car roof.

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