Amherst tests new recycling program

Each container costs about $800 and was funded with grant money

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Amherst is launching a new program with a goal of reducing trash in the downtown.

For a trial run, the Amherst DPW is installing seven recycling containers in the center of town.

Each container costs about $800 and was funded with grant money. The containers are located next to regular trash cans. They’ll be there from September through next May and if the program is successful, they’ll put more of them in the park and recreation centers.

They are hoping people will recycle lots of bottles and cans. Paper and plastic cups are not allowed in the containers.

Susan Waite, the town’s Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator, told 22News educating people will be the challenge. She said, “This helps people think about what they are throwing away and why they are throwing it away and how often they are throwing it away. There is a market for much of the material that’s out there and we want to be able to reuse it instead of using more petroleum to produce more plastic bottles and then throwing them away.”

There will be signs next to each container letting people know what allowed in the containers.

Waite says there is a market to sell the recyclables, but it’s not cost effective and actually costs more to recycle than what they’d get back for the cans and bottles.

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