Medical marijuana is legal in MA; banned at colleges


AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Medical marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but UMass Amherst is still banning its use. 22News asked University Spokesman Ed Blaguszewski if this is a civil rights violation. He told us the problem is with conflicting laws.

Medical marijuana is legal in Mass. with a doctor’s prescription, but federal law says that marijuana for any use is illegal. Blaguszewski says federal law is tied to federal dollars.

The University says many of their students receive federal grant money and that a policy of accepting medical marijuana could jeopardize that funding, but UMass students told 22News it shouldn’t be a one size fits all policy.

“Maybe each case should be taken person by person rather than just saying every single person can or can’t use it,” said Carlo Demarco, a UMass Sophomore.

“If a case comes up we will certainly review and discuss it. An arrangement between a doctor and a patient is a private matter so if this occurs in the privacy of someones home off campus, that, as far as we know is perfectly fine,” said UMass Amherst Spokesman Ed Blaguszewski.

UMass says they don’t know of any students who need access to the drug, and haven’t gotten any complaints.

UMass Freshman Sarah Hawkshaw told 22News, “They shouldn’t be able to bring it into the school and deal it out but if it’s been prescribed a doctor than they should be able to use it.”

UMass is not the only school to ban the use of medical marijuana. In Hampshire County, both Amherst and Smith College also prohibit use on campus.

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