Apps to help students eat healthy

For many college students, it's their first time navigating grocery aisles alone

(CNN) – Yes, you can order a pizza with that smart phone. But apps can also help keep a campus diet healthy while away from Mom’s cooking.

Pizza and junk food is just a tap away for college students. But that can be a recipe for an unhealthy start to campus life.

“You really do need to eat and eat well, so you have that energy to do well on campus.”

One common misstep: too many social events around food. Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield suggests bringing something healthy to the table.

“Maybe you’re going the one that’s going to bring your fruit bowl, maybe you’re going to bring some nuts, or you’re going to bring the chips and salsa and guacamole. By focusing on what you add in to those late-night social events, you’ll have options there.”

Scritchfield recommends stashing simple snacks, like peanuts and pistachios – in the dorm room. Also easy, kiwis and oranges which can boost immunity, and blueberries are another good choice.

“These are going to give you antioxidants. They’re going to help keep your skin healthy, help keep you energized, help give you the fiber to fill you up. It’s going to taste sweet, but much better for you than say reaching for candy bars or junk food.”

For many college students, it’s their first time navigating grocery aisles alone. The Harvest app has tips on selecting the freshest produce items.

An app like Fooducate can help decipher the labels, especially among popular items like cereal and granola bars, which can sometimes be heavy on sugar.

College students on a budget can use an app tied to a supermarket loyalty program can help find discounts and deals to stock up, on healthy foods.

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