WMass knife company filing for bankruptcy after 177 years

Lamson & Goodnow plans to sell Shelburne Falls factory property

BUCKLAND, Mass. (WWLP) —  After more than 177 years in business, the Lamson & Goodnow Manufacturing Company is selling its five buildings on 18 acres along the Deerfield River in Shelburne Falls. James Pelletier, the chief operating officer for the cutlery maker, told 22News that the company owes $3 million, and filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, but they are not closing.

The company, which is the nation’s oldest manufacturer of knives and other kitchen tools, once had about 100 employees. Now, the manufacturer plans to move its 31 employees into a much smaller space. People in town were relieved the company will stay open.

Anna Rite of Shelburne Falls likes to shop in Lamson & Goodnow’s retail store.  “I come down here a lot and get their products. I just came down a little while ago and got a cookie cutter.”

Jim Pelletier’s wife Kathy runs the cutlery store, selling selling products manufactured on-site. She told 22News that there’s a bond between Lamson & Goodnow and Franklin County.

“I think they’re very attached, very attached, very supportive of our company. And they come from all over in multi-generations, and I know they’re happy to have us here,” Kathy Pelletier said.

Sandy Clark’s husband has worked at Lamson & Goodnow for thirty years.

“Oh, I’m ecstatic that they’re still are going to be open. Yes, very much so,” Clark said.

Lamson & Goodnow’s new home will likely be a small existing building somewhere in town. Ann Hamilton of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce told 22News company leaders will have help from local chambers of commerce to help them find a new location.

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