Planting Garlic 101

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  You might think that there’s nothing to plant in your garden right about now, but if you want to get a jump on next year, plant garlic now and you’ll be thankful later.  Shari Petrucci from the Western Mass Masters Garderners Association showed us how to plant garlic.

Spring Garlic PlantingGrowing Garlic in the Flower Bed ?
There are many benefits to growing garlic in your perennial garden beds. Garlic is a harvest that usually ripens in the early to middle of our summers growing season when vegetables have yet begun to produce the fruits of your labor. That garden space is desperately needed when space is limited to grow your vegetables.
Secondly, garlic, as well as onion, chive, and other ornamental plants from the Allium family are known in the permaculture world as companion plants. That they aid in deterring pests from the flower garden, even roses, taking up very little room while doing their job. And, if you have an organic garden, you’ll have a batch of garlic to harvest for your pantry to last the whole year! In fact, members of the Allium family are reported to increase the perfume of roses and help prevent black spot in addition to warding off insect pests.

Below is a list of companion plants known to repel and deter insects. For best results, these plants should be grown plentifully and continuously, and in a couple of years you will see the benefits. As a member of the Western Mass Master Gardener’s Association, our mission is to provide practical garden knowledge in order to sustain environmentally safe gardening practices.

  • Onion- repels aphids, weevils, borers, molesSpring Garlic Planting 1
  • Garlic-repels aphids, thrips, and wards against black spot and mildew
  • Chives-same as above- I grow these next to my Garden Phlox.
  • Basil-repels aphids, mosquitoes, moles
  • Geranium-repels Japanese beetles, aphids, and rose beetles
  • Marigold-discourages harmful nematodes, repels pests and acts as a trap plant for slugs
  • Parsley-repels rose beetlesSpring Garlic Planting 2
  • Mint-deters ants and aphids
  • Tansy-deters flying insects, Japanese beetle ( can be invasive)
  • Tomato- helps protect roses from black spot

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