E. coli in the CT River is at a very high level

E.coli were found in the CT River in Sunderland and Greenfield

connecticut river flood

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WLWP) – Very heavy rain fell across western Massachusetts last week causing flash flooding and a lot of runoff into the Connecticut River.

Last week, the E.coli levels were high enough for public health officials to warn against boating and swimming in some areas.

According to the Connecticut River Watershed Council high levels of E.coli were found in the Connecticut River in Sunderland and Greenfield and very high levels near the Coolidge Bridge in Northampton.

Health officials did post advisories warning people that the water was not clean for boating or swimming in some areas but some people are not too concerned about the E.coli levels right now.

Andrew Larkin of Northampton said, “Occasionally it will go up with the heavy rains. Often time we won’t go rowing if there is a lot of flotsome and jetsome, but by and large, we’ll just go for a short swim if at all and we plan not to drink the water otherwise we don’t worry about it all.”

Andrea Donlon of the Connecticut River Watershed Council told 22News bacteria levels usually drop two days after a heavy rain storm. She says they will be re-testing the water Thursday morning and will have the results available Friday.

To find those results, Click Here.

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