DOT: Lack of funding to blame for crumbling roads

Debris from an overpass fell on a car driving on I-495

BOSTON (WWLP) – The state’s roads and bridges are crumbling, putting you and your family in possible danger.

An SUV travelling along Interstate 495 northbound was hit by a piece of rusted steel that fell from a deteriorating overpass Tuesday morning.

According to Sec. Richard Davey of the MA Dept. of Transportation, “Well, the problem with 495 is the problem that we’ve been dealing with for the last several years, which is the lack of investment.”

Last year, Massachusetts had nearly 500 bridges that were structurally deficient according to a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Money used to pay for repair work comes out of the state’s gas tax, which, by law, is linked to inflation.

Voters will decide on Election Day whether to repeal the automatic gas tax, but getting rid of the law also means a major funding source would disappear.

Sen. Stan Rosenberg, (D) Majority Leader, said, “Over a decade it would take out about two billion dollars worth of revenue for repairing roads and bridges. So that’s 150, 200 million dollars a year on average would disappear from the program.”

If voters decide to eliminate the automatic gas tax, state lawmakers would have to take a vote before taxes go up.

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