Cone Zone Alert for drivers in Holyoke

Holyoke's road re-paving expected to last up to 5 weeks

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) — Staring Thursday throughout the city of Holyoke, sections of 19 different streets will be dug up as part of a road re-paving project.

“It’s time consuming and frustrating. I understand why they need to get it done, I’m just hoping it’s going to be done soon, because everywhere I go there seems to be more construction,” Jen Arnold of Holyoke said.

Holyoke’s Department of Public Works says that on streets where parking is currently allowed, there will be strict parking restrictions while the paving projects are going on.

Some of the major streets and intersections that will be affected include parts of Pleasant Street, Whiting Farms Road, and Whitney Avenue at Lower Westfield Road.

While the DPW strongly advises you take another route around the affected areas, some drivers told 22News that putting up with the detours and slowed commute now, will pay off in a few months.

“Because the benefit of not having to drive through pot holes, not ruining my car. I’ll take that inconvenience as opposed to having horrible roads during the winter time,” Ray Cooper from West Springfield, said.

The re-paving is expected to last about five weeks. The DPW says the entire $880 thousand project will be paid for through the Chapter 90 State Highway Aid.

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