Man gets stuck in baby’s highchair

(CNN) – A British man found out the hard way that it’s a lot easier to get into a baby’s highchair than out of one. The guy gets stuck, hilarity ensues.

Rock a by baby in the highchair; that’s an awfully big baby. That’s a fully grown adult, stuck in a high chair in a travel lodge lobby in Cambridge, England.

It may look like his buddy is giving him the Heimlich, but the only choking is from laughter.

They tried dragging him by his feet. Darren tried slipping out from under the tabletop.

“You’ll excuse me if I don’t sit down. Two things the video doesn’t show… number one, how Darren got into the high chair and, more importantly, how he got out.”

Darren’s friend, John Henshaw, who shot this video, tells CNN he and his buddies put Darren in the highchair. You know what they always say about highchair safety: “Strap your child in.”

Darren didn’t need a strap, he considered cutting his way out…

“He went, ‘I need a saw.’”

In desperation, he even took off his jeans.

“Oh no one wants to see that.”

“The funny thing is that once he gets his pants off, he really looks like he belongs in that high chair.”

It’s that diapered look that does it.

Because the video ends with Darren still stuck, viewers were left in limbo. Darren was finally rescued when his friends dismantled the highchair using a set of keys.

Get that guy a bottle and put on a bib. At least he was no cry baby, though he did slap the table and whine once.

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